Excellence at your reach

From the first ideas to delivery, Scinan will take care of your event and represent your firm at its best. We make sure your brand and business thrives through its creativity, venue, and attendees. Our expertise and flexibility gives you the freedom to sit back and enjoy your event at its fullest. We offer our services in a wide range of countries in Europe and the MENA region.

Your event with us, step by step

Step 1: Initial contact

After getting in touch with our team, we will initiate a fist meeting to discuss your project in detail. We will also advise you if necessary on some aspects of your event, and

Step 2: Research and Review

Following our meeting, we will research and put together a project proposal, detailing aspects of logistics, delivery agenda, and costs. The proposal is then sent to you for review.

Step 3: Agreement contract

When the project proposal reaches satisfaction on both sides, we will proceed to signing an agreement contract enabling us to start delivering on the project.

Step 4: Our Work

We will keep you updated along all stages of the project, and we will stay in regular communication to ensure a smooth delivery process.

Step 5: The Event

It is the event day and we will help you ensure the day goes as perfectly as possible.

Step 6: Post-Event Review

We will send you a full report on the event, along with a general review from the participants.

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