Language training

Language training

Language training

Proficiency in languages will give you the edge you need, should it be in the professional or in the academic world.

At Scinan, we have put into place a service allowing you to make the most out of your language training. We will help you find the course adapted to your objectives and needs.

  • Learn English in England

    Learn English in England

    We have partners with the best schools in the country to allow you to choose your location, duration and teaching style.

    Our range of courses will include:

    • Business English

    We will help you build your knowledge in English, with specific courses on your professional field

    • Academic English

    We have courses specifically designed to help students apply for UK universities, or develop the academic knowledge to help them pass diverse language exams.

    • Cultural English

    Alongside the language, we have also a range of courses specifically designed for culturally motivated students, willing to know as much about the English culture than the language.

  • Learn French in Switzerland

    Learn French in Switzerland

    With its vibrant cities and unique landscapes, Switzerland has much to offer to any student willing to learn French in an original setting. The courses will be offered to anyone willing to learn French for business, school or for the love of the language.

  • Learn Arabic in Morocco

    Learn Arabic in Morocco

    There is no better place to learn Arabic than Morocco. With its vibrant history, you will learn the language through the long lasting cultural legacy of the region.

    All our courses are available to all levels.

Get in touch and one of our team members will help you find the right training for your needs.

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